Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Film Sales Hub?

The Film Sales Hub is a private online film market providing industry members (producers, executives, international financiers) with private screeners of high quality films, short films, TV or web series, and secure access to unproduced screenplays.

How do I submit a film or screenplay to Film Sales Hub?

We currently only allow films, short films, and screenplays that have been selected by a film festival or have won a film or screenplay competition award. We recently partnered with the Los Angeles Screen Awards film and screenplay competition who operate genre-specific award categories on a roughly monthly basis, allowing new films and scripts without prior placements can have a fair chance at winning an award on a regular basis.

Why can't every film be listed on Film Sales Hub?

While some websites will accept any film or screenplay, our system was initially designed as a private network for investors to consider projects. After opening our doors to the public under this brand, we had to strike a compromise between the search for diamonds in the rough by allowing public access and the requirement to show our industry members the top tier of material. While our members don't always agree with the selections of judges from competitions and festivals, it serves as a basic filter for quality and lightens the burden on our industry members' searches.

Why can't I gain access as an industry member?

We have strict policies that limit the industry members to professionals who we are able to individually verify and are serious about being able to offer potential deals with filmmakers. We're often flooded with applications, so please be patient. We must reject the vast majority of applications as most simply do not meet our requirements and it does not benefit filmmakers if we were to give access to members with questionable ability to advance their projects. Please understand that this process is not personal and is meant to maintain the highest standard for our users.

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