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Film Sales Hub is the premiere destination for undiscovered, independently-produced movies and screenplays. Projects are curated for industry professionals seeking original voices in Hollywood.

How does it work?

Projects are initially curated by our judges. Selections will be made available in our system to be considered by producers and financiers seeking fresh voices in storytelling.

What are the rules for film and screenplay submissions?

1. We accept entries from anywhere in the world but all films must be understandable to English-speaking audiences and screenplays must be written in English. (This means that if your film's main dialogue is in another language, you must include English subtitles. Silent films are welcome.) Additionally, all communications with our support staff must be in English.

2. By entering, you understand that your project will be considered on a private basis by professionals working in the film industry. Your film will not be screened to the public so your premiere status at film festivals should not be affected. (However, if you are unsure, we encourage you to check with the film festivals you plan to enter and verify this. We cannot be held responsible for any issues arising with your eligibility at any competitions, film festivals, or other film markets.)

3. All projects must be submitted electronically. (For films, you are welcome to provide a screener that is protected by a shared password as long as the password is included in the entry.)

4. All entry fees must be paid in US Dollars and you understand that fees are charged to cover the costs of operation and the valuable time taken by our professional curators and readers. By entering, you understand that the fee is paid for the time taken to consider your project and, therefore, we do not offer refunds.

5. We will not claim any rights, ownership, or options on your submissions without your consent. All of the intellectual property submitted to us (including your film, script, or other project and its content including characters, character names, likenesses, storylines and concepts) shall remain with the current owners upon the entry of your project. If an industry professional is interested in buying or optioning the rights to your work, you will be contacted directly on a individual basis and no such sale would be automatic unless it is agreed upon by you and/or the owners or co-owners of the intellectual property.

6. You are responsible for ensuring that you can be reached at the email address provided during your submission process. While our staff will make reasonable efforts to get in touch with you if your project has been accepted, please remember to contact us to update your information on file if it has changed following the time of entry. (Please be sure to have access to the original email before doing so, to ensure that we can verify the owner of your new email address.)

Submit your project for a chance to gain exposure to industry professionals seeking fresh voices.

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